Issue 1: What's going on?

Does anybody else feel that there is almost always too much going on?

Blaxplaining is a very Black and somewhat informed take on today’s cultural and political news. It will include everything from a digest of this week’s top headlines, cultural observations, and policy analyses, as well as music and article recommendations. 

What’s happening?

  • The Department of Justice said that it will consider a request to review the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery and assess whether federal hate crime charges should be pursued. In Kentucky, Breonna Taylor’s family filed a lawsuit claiming that the police entered the wrong home and killed her in a “botched police raid”. Just your daily reminder that Black lives will ALWAYS matter.


2020 Election

We are now 169 days away from the 2020 election. That being said, make sure you are registered to vote!

Things I liked this week

  • If you’re wondering why it was all good just a month ago, but now wypipo people are acting up: **spoiler alert** it might have to deal with coronavirus disproportionately affecting black people.

  • If you’re seeing an uptick in sappy tweets and Instagram bios, this might be the reason why.

  • Can we not even jog in peace now? Read this interesting take on running and why it’s been exclusionary for black people

  • For those who have depression/when the corona is tew much, read this article about keeping your life together by doing and appreciating the little things in life

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