#14: I'm Not Saying That He Has to Go Home...

But he's gotta get the hell up out of the White House


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Happy Sunday folks, 

In case y’all haven’t heard, we have a new President 😝. Do y’all know how relieved I feel? My anxiety level has been off the charts for the last *checks calendar* eight months, but for one day, I finally felt peace and pure joy knowing that Trump is about to lose his job. But I know that from here on out we are going to have to deal with shenanigans until January 20th, and that misinformation, racism, wealth inequality, and the ‘Rona aren’t all going to immediately disappear in one presidential term, but I’m feeling largely optimistic. This week also provided some interesting takeaways that I will probably ponder over for the next four years, starting with…

  • Black people, especially Black women, saved America’s ass once again. 

  • My home state Georgia might be tied with Florida for taking the most Ls, but hey, at least we turned blue! ANNND WE HAVE A CHANCE TO CONTROL THE SENATE.

  • My obsession with the whole MSNBC nightly crew has been solidified (Shoutout to my mans Steve Kornacki). 

  • 70 million Americans are probably racist. Also, water is wet. 

I’m also side-eying the Democratic leadership for blaming progressives for their losses this week, and the people who suggest that we should reach out to Trump voters to expand our base, but that’s a conversation for another day ☕. 

Either way, for Trump and company...

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